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for ppl who dont understand

one of e proj i worked on at ONE ANIMATION! its really cool, esp the lighting stage - its done procedural! *jaw drop*

jason mraz new album! :D

A self made man is a contradiction

so true


I am + I am + I am = We are

We do not give enough credit to allies and team mates when it comes to success. The concept of a self made man is a contradiction and a fallacy. You can’t make self. Self needs others to form. it’s like asking a chair to design and make itself into existence. That’s just not possible. We are because I gave to others and had received from many more. A great team is one where everyone gives their best - nobody’s a rockstar but everybody’s a star.

wow. jaw drop

Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy (by Tony Zhou)

The Long Game Part 2: the missing chapter (by Delve)

All your feeling after a crit.



LOL, spot on